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Arch Duchess by lastsorceress
Arch Duchess
Take this for a palette challenge! Wanted to try a slightly different style of coloring and I rather like the results. This is also a thank-you to my friend Cheese for being there for me. Hope you like your girl in red! ;3
Rose of Another Color by lastsorceress
Rose of Another Color
This was a palette challenge. I'm not really very good with pastel colors, but they fit flowers well and I recently realized that I could draw roses reasonably well. Not bad. /o/

Daechir - The Shadow Lord by lastsorceress
Daechir - The Shadow Lord
This is Daechir, one of my own characters. I am... So pleased with how this came our orz Daechir, in his original incarnation was a half-drow, half-fae. His grandmother is actually the one who named him, obviously with high hopes for his future. Needless to say he did not measure up to her expectations. However much he looked like his father... They are very different men. The collar around his neck is actually from a slave collar which his grandmother forced him to wear while he was growing up. He has an obvious distinct distaste for them now.

Now I've brought him to Ianti /o/ So things will be a little different for him but on whole... Not much has changed for Daechir. He was and is always a man who rose from the depths of his terrible childhood to become far more than anyone expected him to be. 

Marsnek - Brazen to the Bone by lastsorceress
Marsnek - Brazen to the Bone
This is Dahlia's character Marsnek. He's a Hacker on Ianti, and fabulous in so many ways ;3 I really liked how his posing turned out, not to mention his legs and those BOOTS. XD

Melchior by lastsorceress
This is Melchior, the character of one of our new members Dane. He's pretty buff considering his age :"D I enjoyed the challenge of drawing all those muscles and a new perspective. I also really enjoyed the challenge of his tattoos. Ink is always a lot of fun to play with!

How nice of you to ask XD. 

I looked at my Journal here and realized it had been an incredibly long time since I updated it lol. I've been working hard to improve my artistic skills, and so far I'm very proud of how far I've come. Currently all of my side-projects have died off, so I'm focusing on improving my art work, my writing, and on Ianti.

I can't say enough how kind and welcoming the people of Iantivirus have been over the last year. I think the fact that the subjects of almost all my art is the characters of Ianti says something of how much I love them.

Personal goals for this year are to at least start work on putting one of my books into a computer format. I will not be posting any snippets from it here, but I would like to have it edited and then... Well I hope by that time I will have the courage to try and get it published. In the mean time I will do what I can to improve my art. Also... I have vague thoughts about starting a comic to push myself into drawing more. If I can decide which of the ideas I would like the most to draw, I will be posting that here. 

Also as a note, if anyone would like to contact me for commissions, (either for art, or for writing) please don't hesitate to drop me a note. I can't promise I'll take it on, but I'm putting a tentative foot out there. I don't have prices anywhere because it's very negotiable depending on a number of factors. 

Thanks for stopping by, and if nothing else, I hope you enjoy my gallery!!!



Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
United States
I've been a writer ever since I was twelve, I wrote my first book back then, and I've been hooked ever since. I try very hard to draw, I used to be quite good at it, but I stopped for a long time and only recently have been able to come back to it.

Now, I'm working to make both of those talents better.

I enjoy new challenges and trying new things, learning =)

I also love books, music, and art. Not necessarily in that order. =D

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