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Enigma by lastsorceress Enigma :iconlastsorceress:lastsorceress 2 0 Vexx Palette Challenge by lastsorceress Vexx Palette Challenge :iconlastsorceress:lastsorceress 1 0 Vexx by lastsorceress Vexx :iconlastsorceress:lastsorceress 2 0
White Rabbit
When the sun finally rose from its long slumber aground it seemed small and far away in the sky. Offering little of the summer warmth that it had given so briefly. It rose distant and summer seemed to fade like a promise ill-kept to the flowers that had bloomed quickly and furiously knowing that they had few such weeks to do it in, but it had risen in a cloudless sky and that seemed enough to warrant a day out beneath its light particularly when all that lived in these harsh lands knew that the sun would only grow further still away and eventually be lost beneath a haze of white clouds.
That morning such a thought seemed far away.
Tori could not help but follow the sun out, wandering away from the other tokota with the hopes of that distant light, her golden eyes brighter and her long mane already marked with a few fragile flowers that had been caught up as she meandered further and further away from everyone else without a second thought. At first her distance went unnoticed, the othe
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Taunt and Tag: RoK
A warm wind was blowing over the hills and flatlands, tickling the borders of the forest so that the branches clacked together. If not for the soft blue color of the sky the sound might have brought to mind more an image of bones rattling than the rhythm of wooden chimes singing out. The breeze carried the smell of fresh flowers and the hearty grasses which called this untamed land home. Most of the flowers were gone to seed now, ready for the autumn and the long sleep that would come after. It was a perfume totally unique to this area Renor knew from his long travels. No other place in the world could hold the delicate floral smell of spring flowers alongside dry summer grass while still echoing the promised bounty of fall and the sharp clean scent of snow somewhere hidden; waiting. This wind which playfully skimmed over his scalp and tugged at bead-weighted braids was in his mind a perfect sample of what these far northern reaches truly were.
Ossiv seemed at last to have become less
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Traveling the Underground: RoF
Though thick fur offered the tokota much in the way in protection from the steely cold Renor had yet to meet one which did not appreciate the warmth of a welcoming fire at least as much as he did. Thus when he had offered the suggestion that they stop for the evening and  furthermore that he would make up a fire if they did, he was not terribly surprised that the tokota were more than happy to make up camp for the evening.
A hard day of hunting and foraging had provided them with everything that they needed, and Eraehra had proven to be particularly helpful almost eagerly helping him to carry the supplies as they began their journey. Renor had tried to convince the group to settle in after the hunt before beginning on their journey however even he could feel the excitement settling in which made it nearly impossible to settle in. They had hardly gotten any sleep at all through the night, settling into restlessness and waking early while the sun was still long abed. Its gray light
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Bunnies by the Beach: RoM
Summer warmth had the sky a beautiful pure light blue that was white around the edges, the shine of the white sun made the ocean look incredibly dark beneath it. Ribbons of an ancient dark blue turning to white foam as it slid across black sand. The sand itself was rough and harsh, and the edges of the beach was piled up with black rocks that cast ominous shadows over the otherwise beautiful shore. Renor stood on the edge of the sand where it had become small harsh stones, his eyes scanning the horizon from sky and sea to piles of stone, to where trees grew up suddenly like mountains into a forest. Each one of them was large enough around that he would have needed three of himself to reach around the smallest which grew around the edges of these woods.
A warm furred cheek brushed against his shoulders, drawing him from his contemplation of the ocean. Renor could never stand so close to this much water without losing himself in the beauty and strangeness of it. However much it called to
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Caves of Wonder
From deep within the earth one could smell a myriad of scents that made up the labryinth of tunnels, cracks, and crevas’s beneath the world. Dirt worn from stone rising up with every step, and the dry even scent of the underground. It mixed and mingled with the scent of rarer things. A sharp copper tang, something cool and even, the scent of silver tingling. He could see it shining in the light of his torch as he passed by. Flecks of crystal growing like a living thing, its roots sunken into dead gray. He knew that the further they went the more it would grow. It was rare to find a place like this. Where metal and crystal mingled.
Occasionally he could catch glimpses of what it was truly like, how harsh the scent of his torch was. Renor was sorely tempted to put it out, but then they would have been lost in the darkness. Even the tokota could not see in the pure darkness so far below ground. The three stayed ahead of him for the most part though Jeta kept coming back to bump shou
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Grrr Power: Fishing the Thera River by lastsorceress Grrr Power: Fishing the Thera River :iconlastsorceress:lastsorceress 3 10
The Obstacles to Friendship: RoM
All of them stood together in a row, from Chanda with her slightly crooked grin, past Doorstop who had been nosing at the two females on either side of him with enough consistency that it promised to become trouble, to Melody who stood at the end of the line looking at the start of the obstacle course with a distinct air of anticipation that she did not even try to hide. Their energy and their excitement for the upcoming challenge leaked over into those who had accompanied them. Luke felt it distinctly, and though he was not familiar with the two tokota that had accompanied Chandra and Doorstop respectively, he had quickly learned that the first was Sedna, and the second was Queen Bee.
Sedna had accompanied Chandra, the pale furred tokota towering over the small gray furred toki. She offered a steady head to temper Chandra’s impish and stubborn attitude that had given her the nick-name ‘Bandit’. For all of her attitude however Chandra was a lovely toki from her stripe
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A Rose by Any Other Name // 1
Renor slid down from Kalath’s back, he had caught sight of movement in the forest ahead of them, and he was rarely comfortable on the tokota for long, if ever. Recently a few wild tokota had been spotted in the area around here, and Renor had decided that it would be a good idea to see if he could observe them. Find out if they were aggressive, or anything else important about them. There were a number of them, but one of their number was a long-maned black, gray, and white tokota.
The earliest parts of the hour had seen spring in full bloom, but even with the day lengthening a bit the weather was still beautiful. They had done a lot of traveling today, and it was looking more like the next several days would see more if the wild tokota decided to stick around. The sky was still gray, and with the light fading the warmth from earlier was starting to fade as well. It made Renor glad of Kalath’s presence and the many layers of cloth around him.
With the forest all around them
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Golden Lady // 1
Renor sat on Kalath’s back, watching the plains below them for any sign of movement. Recently a few wild tokota had been spotted in the region, and Renor wanted to find out what he could about them. If they were aggressive, and anything else that might be important to know. The first of the wild tokota was a huge dire female, and so with her description firmly in mind they’d set out to see if they could spot her.
Spring was in full bloom now, the sweet scent of flowers and the warmth of the day making it a pleasure to be outside. They had a lot of traveling to do today, and perhaps for the next several days if the wild tokota decided to stick around for a longer period of time. Actually the sky was a bit gray today, but it did not detract from the scent of the flowers all around them, and there was still more than enough warmth to enjoy.
In fact the day was just clear enough that Renor could catch glimpses of the mountains in the distance and where their rolling foothills s
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Strength to Bear // Theasa and Draven: Spirit RoD
There was no way for words to accurately describe the place that Theasa and Draven found themselves in. This time, he walked at her side rather than offering his presence like a weight on her back, and it seemed right that this was so. As right as the pulsing sound of the ocean beating against the rocks and sand. In the pure darkness lit only by the barest sliver of the moon winking down at them from above, the ocean was a black deeper than that of the midnight sky. The light made it gleam, the waves turning silver in flashes that broke on the shore and becoming white foam to drift lovingly across the moon darkened sand and then away again.
As beautiful as it was, as alluring as the scent of salt and fish and brine were, she had not come to the beach this night for the sight of the ocean meeting the stone of the cave that her paws led her toward.
The Cave of Anningan awaited them.
As many times as Theasa had heard rumors about this place, there was still an air of mystery about it. A k
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Together // Theasa and Draven: Dedication RoD
For Theasa the days were beginning to blur together a little bit. It was hard to tell how many days had passed when the sight of moon or sun was lost to the clouds. Only their periods of sleep gave meaning to the time, and even that was hard to track the hours by. The bitter cold and lack of sunlight seemed to drain at what little energy reserves they had. Sleep was a fitful thing, it came and went but left them both feeling as though it had done nothing to actually offer rest.
Draven had brought a full month's worth of supplies plus a little extra just in case he ran out more quickly than anticipated, or they got trapped up in the mountains for longer. It seemed possible with the storms that had come and gone in the same way that they had found sleep. They rose and fell without warning, often sending Theasa back to the cave that they had turned into their temporary home with empty jaws rather than any sort of prey to speak of.
Hunger was a bitter companion for the weather.
Even with s
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The Big Boys // Theasa, Riot, Draven: Respect RoD
Theasa was looking at the other tokota with an edge of uncertainty. This was her pack. Normally Riot would have been in charge of everything, but this time the responsibility fell on her shoulders. It was not Riot who she was most uncertain of however. It was Draven. After challenging the male to combat she had found a lot of respect for him, for his strength and his force of will, but she was less than certain that he respected her in return.
Draven rubbed a hand over her head and patted her solidly on the shoulder. His presence on her back was an unsubtle symbol that she was leading the way. All of them, from Riot, to Draven, to the least mature of their pack listened to Draven, and his presence was a reminder that she was in charge today. It did not however guarantee that any of them would actually listen to her.
She would have to show them that she was not only capable of being a leader, but that she was worth listening to.
“You can do this.” Draven’s voice was a
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Forward // Theasa and Draven: Navigation RoD
From across the narrow winding corridors of snow and hard unseen stone the wind blew across Teasa’s fur. It tugged and pulled with invisible hands, pushing as if it meant to send tokota and man alike down the jagged edge of the mountain. The sound of the winds voice was both high pitched whining and so low that it made the bones ache with resonance. Up here, so high above the world that the air had begun to thin, the sky was an odd shade of blue that was only seen when one wandered this far from the surface of the earth. It was beautiful, clear with the sun shining so bright and large that it almost seemed to fill the sky up with its brilliance.
All around them were the sharp edges of the mountain, silver gray stone disappearing into the clean white snow and ice which was every bit as hard as the stone was in places. The world seemed untouched, perfect. From this vantage it was as if nothing else had ever lived or breathed, as if they were the first to view such majesty. It could
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Commission prices and examples of my work now available and commissions are open!

All prices are negotiable to an extent and are subject to change depending on difficulty but will not change after being agreed upon. Payment can be made over Paypal (details given out at the time of purchase).

Writing: $5 per every 200 words

Bust or Headshot: $10

Yvette by lastsorceress  Verus by lastsorceress  Eris by lastsorceress     Zhan by lastsorceress

Full body: $15

Balthasar - The Light side of Red by lastsorceress  Menel in Uniform by lastsorceress  Renor by lastsorceress

Chibi: $10

Himeros Chibi by lastsorceress    Ebby Chibi by lastsorceress  Skultone Chibi by lastsorceress


  • Weapon Reference $10-$15+
  • 18+ Art $15-$20+

I am willing to do this - but by no means is this my forte - additional information might be required and consistency is an unknown. I will charge extra for multiple characters (more than two)/difficult scenes - I am comfortable with most kinks/niche 18+ things so feel free to ask! I’ll let you know if it’s something I don’t think I can do justice to, but it doesn’t hurt to ask ;3
(However I will not upload 18+ art to Deviantart, I will upload it via Imgur)

  • Background $1-$10+

Art will be done on an invisible background unless otherwise requested. Any other single-tone color is available upon request for no extra charge. More detailed/dynamic backgrounds extra dependent on their complexity. 

  • Building a character from description $5 and then $15+

I charge $5 for an extended consultation, effectively defining exactly what is that you want. I charge this only if I have to do a sketch and send it to you for verification/make multiple changes/if you have very little to work with (such as having no written description and/or if you are uncertain about what you want). I can make myself available via skype or other instant-messenger to making this process quicker and slightly less complicated if necessary. Price is determined by difficulty, and how much time I have to spend building/re-sketching the character + the original cost of the art.

  • Costume design $5-$15+

If you just want a sketch, or an idea on a wire frame it’s less expensive than if you want your character drawn in it ;3

On request, when I have finished my sketch I will show it to you, but please keep in mind that a sketch is a sketch and mine are extremely rough. The idea is to give you a visual of what I intend to do, and for me to ensure that I am not missing some detail that you want present not for it to look perfect and/or pretty (in fact please expect it to look largely like a bunch of bubbles and lines overlaid on one another). After you’ve looked it over I will do my best to make your art-dreams come true! <3

[ Note on Writing Commissions ] :

I will not upload 18+ literature to Instead I can email it to you, or provide you with a google drive.doc which I turn over to you. I will charge a flat-rate $5 fee for any pairings which I am not familiar with because of the time I have to spend researching them.

I will inform you up-front if I will be charging you extra because of the piece being difficult to write (such as a long piece without many characters interacting). And if you request a specific number of words I will not charge you if I go over that benchmark though if I think that I can't complete the piece within that number I will set the price accordingly. 

If you would like something and you don’t see it listed above please don’t hesitate to ask! This is just a basic list of the most common things I’ve done.

Thank you for considering me!


(Also you can now follow me on tumblr @ !)


Artist | Professional | Literature
United States
I love drawing and I love trying new things with both my art and my literature. I've been writing for a little over 15 years now. I've been an editor, an author, and an administrator for various groups over the years. I'm always looking for new challenges. XD

I also love books, music, and art drawn by other people. Not necessarily in that order!!! lol

If you'd like to commission me for art or literature feel free to drop me a pm anytime. I'm usually around and I love meeting new people! <3


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